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Alumni #1


Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee. (Including, but not limited to: Career related activities, publications, civic activities, honors, awards, and etc.)


Alumni #1 was the class president, played on the football and cross country teams. Graduated with honors and attended Lehigh University, graduating with honors as well. While at Lehigh he was able to study at the University of York in his senior year. In 2000 he married. They have two amazing kids. He somehow is able to coach baseball, softball and in the scout leader for troop 339. Both children are scouts and enjoy time spent with their dad. This year Alumni #1 started his own business with four other friends. You will see how amazing my brother is.  Alumni #1 has been a writer, roofer, chief creative officer, and a forklift operator. At his company, he oversaw all branding and marketing development for half the agency’s existence, and was named the agency’s first partner in 2012. He helped open three satellite offices in California, Florida, and Ohio, and, along with another person, led business development. After more than 22 years in the industry, he is a frequent guest speaker, including talks at both the American Marketing Association’s National Forum and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is the author of Amazon’s #1 guide to higher education branding, which he developed while working on campaigns for more than 100 colleges and universities. One of his proudest achievements is helping the State of California pass Proposition 30—an initiative which has, to-date, brought more than $48 billion in funding to the state’s public education system. His work has been featured by The New York Times, National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, and the BBC. Now you can see why I feel my brother should be honored.

Alumni #2

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


I am writing to nominate a former student, star athlete, teacher and coach from IHS.  Alumni #2 grew up in Prospect Park and began his athletic career playing quarterback for the Prospect Park Termites for the late HOF Coach, Frank Witmer.  His Termite Team won the 120-pound division championship, defeating the team led by former NFL star, Billy (White Shoes) Johnson.    He began playing school basketball in junior high which led to three years of varsity competition at IHS. He became a starting guard playing for Brent Kitching and Frank May.  His playing and contributions coincided with perhaps the best years in Interboro basketball history-his individual performances often against the best competition-culminating with an unprecedented and never repeated Section II Championship in 1970.    After graduating from Interboro in 1970, he chose to attend Williamson Trade School and continued his education and basketball career.  He went on to score 1,006 points, along with a school record of 55 points in one contest.  He graduated from Williamson in 1973 with a Power Plant Associates Degree.  After graduation from Williamson, he attended Millersville College, who recruited him to continue his basketball career.  Unfortunately, a torn ACL ended his playing career although he took advantage of the opportunity at Millersville and graduated in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and Industrial Arts which created a clear professional path for him.    The next 35 years were spent teaching and working with youth, who presented skills in need of focus and improvement.  He taught for one year at Glen Mills and the next 34 years at his alma mater, Interboro.  He taught in the area known as Industrial Arts-initially, culminating in computer assisted drafting near the end of his career.  He was able to stay abreast of an ever-changing field and provide his students with quality instruction and care.  Many of his students were able to follow his lead to technical schools, like Williamson - providing them a path to future employment in often overlooked professions.    While teaching, his athletic career came full circle.  He began as an assistant basketball coach to John DiGregorio at Ridley and Swarthmore College before accepting the reins at Interboro for a combined 14 years.  Those years culminated in 166 victories, the most in Interboro history, along with multiple league titles.  During this time, he provided leadership and guidance to his players, who genuinely understood and appreciated his commitment to them and their success as people and players.    Perhaps the most important event that occurred during his tenure at Interboro was meeting and marrying the woman who is now his wife of over 40 years.  They've raised two wonderful kids and are proud grandparents to two boys.    It is with great pride and sincere recognition for his hard work and achievements - in the classroom and on the court within the Interboro community, that I nominate him for induction into the Interboro Hall of Fame.     

Alumni #3

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Alumni #3 had two nomination submissions. Below are both entries.


During my thirty-six years as a teacher at Interboro High School, I have had many excellent students.  Occasionally there were students who stood out from even the best of them; Alumni #3 was that kind of student.  Not only did he participate in sports and academic clubs, he also excelled in his studies to earn the top position in his graduating class—valedictorian of the IHS Class of 1997.  My wife is a former teacher at Tinicum Middle School, where she had Alumni #3 in class for two years.  She remembers him as a very likeable, polite, and hard-working student who never lagged in his schoolwork in spite of missing much school during his seventh- grade year due to health problems.  He always managed to keep up with his class and achieve excellent grades. Such was his personal drive.            When I contacted Alumni #3 nearly two years ago, I requested that he send me a resume of his career and a summary of his academic achievements.  Although I was aware of Mike’s drive for excellence, I was still amazed by his achievements and the numerous awards he has received during his post-high school education. He attended the University of Pennsylvania for his undergraduate degree in neuroscience and graduated summa cum laude.  He was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society as well as the winner of the Elliot Steller Award for outstanding honors thesis within his major.  He continued at Penn for medical school where again he finished with honors and earned the Merck Manual Award for outstanding medical students.  He was also inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.  Mike completed his residency in neurology at Penn also.  Upon graduating he received the Arthur K. Asbury Award for Clinical Excellence, which is given to only one graduating resident each year.  After completing a fellowship in vascular neurology, he joined the faculty at Penn.    At Penn Alumni #3 spent much of his time treating and educating victims of stroke.  In the remainder of his time he focused on research, education, and administrative duties. His research led to him writing over ninety publications, which have appeared in scientific journals, textbooks, review articles and editorials.  As an administrator, Alumni #3 led a stroke telemedicine program at Penn Medicine and co-chaired the Stroke Group within Penn Medicine’s Neuroscience Service Line.  As an educator, he taught medical students and residents how to treat and prevent strokes.  It was in this area of his career that he feels he earned his proudest achievement.  Every year the Penn residents honor one faculty member for outstanding teaching.  Alumni #3 won this award after his first full year on the staff.  I was amazed, although not greatly surprised, to learn about Alumni #3 earning this excellence of teaching award.  Throughout his teenage and adult life, he has excelled at anything he set out to do. Induction into the Interboro Hall of Fame is determined not only by the accomplishments of a person while in school but also by what that person has done with the education he or she received.  Obviously, Alumni #3 has dedicated his life’s work to helping people, whether they are stroke victims or future neurologists.  For this reason, my wife and I are enormously proud to nominate Alumni #3 for the Interboro Hall of Fame.   P.S.  Since writing this recommendation, we have learned that Alumni #3 recently left Penn Medicine.  He is now the director of the Stroke Program at Temple University Hospital and an associate professor of neurology there.


Second nomination submission for Alumni #3:

I was a Middle School Science Teacher and High School Guidance Counselor at Interboro High School until I retired in 2005.  It is my privilege and honor to nominate Alumni #3 to the Interboro Hall of Fame.    Alumni #3 graduated at the top of his class at Interboro. He attended the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Neuroscience where he graduated summa cum laude. He went on to the University of Pennsylvania Medical School where he graduated with honors.  He received the Merck Manual Award for outstanding medical student. He then completed a neurology residency at Penn. Upon graduating he was given the Arthur K. Asbury Award for Clinical Excellence given to a single graduating resident each year.  He then did a fellowship in vascular neurology and then joined the faculty at Penn. In his first few years as a clinical instructor, he completed a Master’s of Science in Clinical Epidemiology. He also became an associate professor in the clinical education track in 2013.    In his research career, he participated in a wide range of collaborative research related to stroke pathophysiology, treatment and prevention.    Alumni #3 authored over 90 publications, two thirds of which were peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and the rest were book chapters, review articles and editorials.    On a personal note, in 2015, I suffered a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage and was treated in the Neurosurgical Unit at the University of Pennsylvania.  It was there that I had the good fortune of observing Mike in a professional setting.  He was competent, caring and empathic while exhibiting extreme medical knowledge and professionalism.  I felt pride that I had known Alumni #3 as a young, aspiring high school student and could witness first hand his accomplishments.    Alumni #3 left the University of Pennsylvania for Temple University to become Director of the Stroke Program and an Associate Professor of Neurology at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.    Alumni #3 always combined his love of medicine with his love of sharing his medical knowledge as a professor. It is with great pleasure as a former teacher of this accomplished man, to nominate him to the Interboro Hall of Fame as one of the finest students to ever grace the halls of Interboro.   ​


Alumni #4

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Alumni #4 is an active performer in various musical ensembles and venues in the greater Philadelphia area, including performances with the John Hoey Orchestra, Raindogs, the John Grecia Band, Syncopatin' Six at Bethlehem Musikfest, and his own Groove~tet. In 2011, Alumni #4 performed at Carnegie Hall, NYC, as a featured soloist on stage with rock legend Steven Van Zandt and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Darlene Love.  In his career, Alumni #4 has had the honor to share the stage with many music greats in both performance and educational settings. Some of these amazing musicians include Terell Stafford, Jon Faddis, John Swana, Clark Terry, Dick Oatts, Denis DiBlasio, George Rabbai, Steve Turre, Tom Lawton, Lucas Brown, Erik Johnson, Dan Monaghan, and Derrick Hodge.  In addition to performing, Alumni #4 maintains a deep commitment to teaching music and promoting music education in our schools and communities. Alumni #4 has been a band director in the Garnet Valley School District since 2001, directing the High School Jazz Combo, High School Saxophone Ensemble, two Middle School Jazz Bands, and the 4th & 5th Grade Bands. In the fall, Alumni #4 assists with the Garnet Valley High School Marching Band as the saxophone instructor.  His reach as an educator immeasurable, due to his highly successful (over 200,000 subscriber) YouTube channel "Dr. Alumni#4 Music". Through this channel and his successful Ph.D. dissertation on video instruction, Alumni #4 has helped music students worldwide expand their own interests and successes with music. He has become a small celebrity in the instrumental music education world.  Alumni #4 enjoys working with outstanding young jazz musicians in various honor bands, festivals, and workshops in the Delaware County and Philadelphia area. In 2003 Alumni #4 and fellow director David Burkhart co-founded the Delco High School All-Star Big Band, which brings together outstanding high school jazz musicians from across Delaware County for a series of summer performances. For over ten years, Alumni #4 directed the Summer Jazz Workshop at Interboro High School, and in 2006 served as the director of the Kimmel Center Youth Jazz Ensemble in Philadelphia. Alumni #4 has served as adjudicator and clinician at jazz festivals throughout the area, including the Swarthmore College Jazz Festival. In 2009, Alumni #4 was named an "Educator 500" by the West Chester University 3E Institute, which recognizes educational excellence and entrepreneurship.


Alumni #5

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Alumni #5 should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame because of his immense pride, service, and dedication to the Interboro School District and community both as a student and resident. Throughout his entire life Alumni #5 has dedicated his time and money to ensure the students of the Interboro School District and community have appropriate resources they need to excel socially, emotionally, and academically.  Alumni #5 grew up in Prospect Park and attended the Kindergarten Academy and Prospect Park School. While a student at Prospect Park School Alumni #5 volunteered many hours helping with home and school activities. These activities include helping with bingo nights, book fair, and Santa secret workshops. He also helped his father every summer with Glenolden’s Fourth of July Festivities. He would work the concession stands, sell raffle items and do whatever was necessary for success. Although these may sound trivial, Alumni #5 learned early on the impact of service. The academic and social effects of this service were felt by hundreds of students during his time at Prospect Park School and the Interboro Community.  Alumni #5 also attended Interboro High School. During his years at Interboro he was involved in many activities such as soccer, class congress, student council, and Spanish club. He played an integral part of brining the Pennsylvania Association of Student Council’s Region F Conference to Interboro High School and he helped fundraiser and donate the sign that illuminates Amosland Road. Like his time at Prospect Park School, Alumni #5 spent countless hours creating a culture and climate at the high school that benefited the students academically and socially.  Upon graduation Alumni #5 went to work for his father and continued his service to Interboro School District and the community. Alumni #5 provided many services to the Interboro School District such as emergency tree removal, sewage cleanup and any other service that he was called on to complete. When Interboro called, Alumni #5 was there with a smile on his face and ready to work.  Alumni #5 became a resident of Norwood and began raising a son. And just as his parents did for him he began to teach his son the importance of service, pride and dedication to his community. He spent countless hours putting together the jungle gym at Norwood School. He bought new basketball nets and installed them on the Norwood playground. He put together bleachers for various youth clubs. He donated money to teacher crowdsourcing campaigns. He volunteered his time with Norwood Youth Club. He still helped with Glenolden’s Fourth of July festivities. The social and emotional effects of this service and dedication to the Interboro School District and community cannot be quantified but is sure to have left an impact on thousands of students.  No, Alumni #5 did not win any awards or honors. No, Alumni #5 did not become someone famous. But, Alumni #5 has undoubtedly impacted thousands of Interboro students without them even knowing. That is the true testament of a legacy. Alumni #5 legacy will be that of PRIDE, SERVICE, and DEDICATION to the students and residents of the Interboro School District.​


Alumni #6

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


​After Graduating from HS Alumni #6 has had countless volunteer leadership positions.  Countless homeroom Mother Roles, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Parent Teacher League (PTL) President. Went back to West Chester University for a Degree in Education.  Graduating with her Bachelors of Science in Education in 1994  Started working at Coebourn Elementary School in 3rd Grade in 1996  Got a Master’s in Education (Reading) from West Chester University in 2001.  Got a Second Master’s Degree from St. Joseph’s University in Educational Leadership 2004. Received a Graduate Certificate in Children’s Literature at Penn State University 2016. Outside the classroom with Education: ·Plans and organizes the annual Coebourn Celebration Day ·Served on the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) & Character Education Committees and presented in Hersey for the statewide character conference. ·Served on the Safety Committee  ·Plans and organizes the annual Living History Museum for over 20 years ·Mentors new teachers that are looking to pursue a career in education · Served as a Student Council Advisor  ·Started and actively Runs Coebourn Cares Which is charitable foundation for families in the community which suffers hardships.  Her greatest and latest is:  Started Family Strong Foundation INC. 2016. This supports her mission to fund the Cure for ALS which took her Husband in October of 2016. In under 4 years she has raised over 400,000 to fund a cure for ALS. Organizing 4 annual galas, the fifth to be held March 2020. 5 dinning for dollar events, a Family Italian Nights fundraiser and participated in the NRG Gives Campaign in which she was awarded $20,000 for ALS research.


Alumni #7

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Significant career and civic contributions throughout life including:  Founder of the Norwood Youth Organization (NYO) in early 1970's; Founder of peer assistance phone line for those with substance abuse problems in mid-70's; Member of the Norwood Fourth of July Association; Founded the Foreign Language Festival as a senior at IHS; Student leader, served as class secretary, class valedictorian.  Career: HS teacher from 1979-81; Substance abuse counselor in Upper Darby and Chester from 1981-90; Significant community speaking and education in drug/alcohol abuse prevention throughout the 1980's-90's Founder and manager of employee assistance counseling program at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital; Provided employee assistance services to Kimberly-Clark plant in Chester and was recognized by Kimberly-Clark for outstanding service to their employees.  Been employed in higher education from 2001-present with a commitment to making college and graduate school education accessible for all.  Commitment to own life long learning Education:  IHS - 1975  BA in Secondary Education (La Salle University) - 1979  Master of Management (Penn State Great Valley) - 1993  Master of Education (Penn State Great Valley) - 1996  Doctor of Education (George Washington University) - 2018  Volunteer/service  Pennsylvania Certification Board - 2000-2012;  Lasallian Leadership Institute- 2009-2012;  Diabetes Training Camp Foundation Board - 2018-present.


Alumni #8

​Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Let's start at the beginning and turn the clock way back to 1980s when our Interboro days first began. But let’s go back even further to Elementary school… Since the beginning Alumni #8 has always been an advocate.  Her enthusiastic nature was just what The class needed. Not only was she our class president for 3 years but she systematically organized nearly every social and political class event during our 4 years at Interboro.  In addition to being out class president Alumni #8 was actively involved in class congress where Alumni #8 worked closely with Searle Noble our BELOVED class advisor to organize community outreach projects and class activities. Alumni #8's enthusiasm for all things Interboro was contagious.  In addition to countless spirit activities, dances and class events, Alumni #8 headed up the senior refreshment stand and gathered a team of eager classmates including myself.  She cleverly put together a Homecoming Float committee which also included myself (are you sensing a pattern here), and collectively we presented a class float that we will ALL remember fondly for years to come.  Alumni #8 she set up and organized our EPIC class PROM, secured the venue, hired the DJ and videographer   (which no one appreciated till now over 33 years later where she posts them on social media for hilarity). The vivid memories speak of a night filled with magic and true Interboro PRIDE!  And finally, our graduation day where Alumni #8 gave a heartfelt and impassion speech filled with fun memories and encouragement for everyone.  It truly was a wonderful time in our lives. After graduation Alumni #8 continued to be actively involved with our class by organizing class reunions every 5 years without exception. Each reunion drawing nearly our entire class.  So far we have had 6 Class reunions spanning over 30 years. Currently, Alumni #8 continues to be an advocate for Interboro’s class through social media where she manages our Alumni Facebook page.  Alumni #8 has an almost 'super shero' pulse on our class and is always ready to update everyone on our classmates and other BUC alumni.  For Alumni #8 if you went to Interboro YOU ARE FAMILY forever. I know I speak for many when I say with all my heart that I cannot think of anyone more deserving of an INTERBORO ALUMNI award than Alumni #8.  Her sheer passion and commitment to our school and our class is truly a blessing to us ALL.  Thank you for your consideration of this submission. And, that is my story and I am sticking to it.    God Bless you all.    Thank you


Alumni #9

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee. 


I would like to nominate Alumni #9 for the Interboro Hall of Fame as either alumni, community member or both. Alumni #9 graduated from Interboro High School having been active with AFS, Honor Society, and various clubs.  Shortly after graduation she enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving from 1977 to 1979.  This service provided her with much worldly knowledge and she was primarily stationed in Hawaii. Having lived in Norwood, PA. her entire school life, she was raised with her 2 brothers, also Interboro graduates.  After her marriage, again, a graduate of Interboro, they moved to Tinicum, where they still reside.  They had two fine children, who both also graduated from Interboro, keeping it all in the district.  Alumni #9 has been active in the annual Norwood Fourth of July celebration since 1975 and she participates in fundraising events for that event.  Examples of her activities are the Halloween Haunted Park, bake sales, etc. that earn funds to perpetuate the event every year.  She and her husband also put a lot of physical energy into making that event the success it is.  In Tinicum, she has been part of the Dive Team, working on statistics and logistics, when her daughter was on the team beginning in 2003. Her daughter has gone on to coach at the Tinicum pool. Alumni #9 was a "cookie mom" for the Girl Scouts, as well as being an assistant leader.  For her son, she was both assistant and a leader for the Cub Scouts.  She was also on the 8th grade and prom committees for the classes of both students.  Also, Alumni #9 now serves as treasurer of the Tinicum Township Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary. I have known Alumni #9 since junior high and she is ever busy in the community, currently serving on the board of the Tinicum Swimming Pool. She is also very active in pool events. We were co-chairs of the 41st reunion. We remain close friends, and I can attest to her industrious nature and her devotion to the Interboro School District.  She is truly deserving to be a member of the Interboro Hall of Fame. 


Alumni #10

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Alumni #10 is currently community volunteer fire fighter Holmes Fire Company. Former firefighter for Norwood fire company  Payed E.M.T. part time for Swarthmore fire company.  Alumni #10 works full time as a payed fire fighter & EMT for Anne Arundel County Fire department in Annapolis city MD.  Alumni #10 comes back to Interboro at least once a year to speak to Mr. Lavery's Allied Health students. He shares with them the story of the day he delivered a baby on the job & all the fun other stuff that comes with the life of a person who gives his all on & off the job to help others. While others run from danger Alumni #10 runs towards it to keep each & everyone of us safe. I believe Alumni #10 is an exceptional role model for the youth of today to look up to. He is a young man who gives everything everyday to others. Our students need to see they don't have to be an older person to make a difference. They can be the difference everyday like Alumni #10.


Alumni #11

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee. 


Alumni #11 has given back to the youth of Delaware County since she graduated from college.  She coached and taught at Penncrest HS for 33 years where she was a role model to thousands of students.  Since her retirement she has supervised student teachers for Rowan and Eastern University in hopes to help more get into the field of education.  In addition, from 1997-2011 she was a board member and athletic director for Norwood AC.  In her role there, she started tournaments for baseball and basketball was integral in the club receiving a grant to upgrade their fields, started a scholarship for NAC members that went on to graduate from IHS, and hosted sports clinics where she tried to get teen club members help younger children.  From 2009-2016, she was a BUCS booster mom while her sons played BUCS sports. She organized all banquets and fundraising events.  For the past 20 years she has been a basketball referee assignor for boys and girls leagues that Interboro youth participate in.  She has recruited and trained many to be officials.  I believe Alumni #11 deserves this honor for the impact she has made on so many people.

Many others can all back up statements about Alumni #11 involvement with Interboro youth.   She also mentored many students who now current teachers and administrators.


Alumni #12

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Marine War Veteran, Police Officer over 30 years, SRT Team. Was in New York City during the attack and was on the bucket brigade and received awards for Valor for trying to rescue the people in the rubble.  He's a great Father.

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