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Rear Admiral R. F. Marryott

“Prospect Park Class of 1952”


Rear Admiral Ron F. Marryott was born in Eddystone and was a 1952 graduate of Prospect Park High and a 1957 graduate of the Naval Academy.  Referred to in Navy publications as a “man of liberal education,” he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in naval science and later a master’s degree in international relations from American University.  He was also an outstanding basketball player at both Prospect Park High and the Naval Academy.  In 1985, he was named the 42nd President of the Naval War College. The highlight of his brilliant career came in August 1986 when be became the 52nd Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy.

John Passarella

“Interboro Class of 1979”


Author John Passarella, a member of Interboro High School’s Class of 1979, recently published his third book.  His first novel Wither was purchased by Columbia Pictures in a $1,000,000 movie right sale and won Mr. Passarella the “Bram Stoker Award” for Best First Novel of 1999.  He has also won the Mervin Lowe Award for Fiction (Prose Category) at Widener University, where he graduated with a degree in business administration and accounting.  His other books currently in paperback include Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Ghoul Trouble and Angel: Avatar.

Robert W. Riddagh

“Glen-Nor Class of 1933”


Robert W. Riddagh, Glen-Nor Class of 1933, left a strong legacy of public service in his adopted state of Delaware.  His political career began as mayor of Smyrna, where he served from 1958 to 1966. He then went on to the Delaware General Assembly, where he served from 1967 to 1982 as speaker, majority whip, and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  Mr. Riddagh passed away in 1996. In recognition of his lifetime of service, Mr. Riddagh received the “Smyrna-Clayton Sun-Times Great Person Award” and awards from numerous organizations, including the Delaware Police Chiefs Council, the Delaware Association of School Administrators, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Anna Eshom

“Staff Member”


Anna Eshom, at the age of five, moved into what is now the Interboro School District in 1924.  She graduated from Prospect Park High School in 1936, her talent earning her a full scholarship to the Moore College of Art.  She later taught at Smedley Junior High School, before beginning a seventeen-year tenure at Interboro High School.  Mrs. Eshom is remembered for the great influence she had on both colleagues and students.  She helped lay the foundation for the extremely successful Art Program now in existence at Interboro High School.  In 1997, Mrs. Eshom also received the “Professional Achievement Award” from her alma mater, Moore College of Art.

Hayden P. Machamer

“Community Member”


Hayden P. Machamer, Prospect Park High School Class of 1935, has lived in what is now the Interboro School District for almost his entire life.  During that time, he has been extremely active in numerous civic and community affairs, serving as a member of the Prospect Park and Interboro Board of School Directors and as District Justice of the Peace.  He also pioneered and developed the Prospect Park Swim Club.  Professionally, Mr. Machamer was associated with the weekly community newspaper, Interboro News, for over fifty years, which he eventually owned, operated, and served as editor and publisher.

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