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Kimberly Detwiler Duffy

“Interboro Class of 1984”

Ms. Duffy, a scholar-athlete was a member of the Honor Society, Class Congress, Spanish Club and Senior Refreshment Stand while playing Softball, Lacrosse and earning All Del Val in Field Hockey.  Kim chose to attend Penn State and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 1988. Soon after graduation, she joined Merck pharmaceutical company as a technician in the viral vaccine manufacturing sector.  Responsibilities of increasing importance followed within quality control, laboratory operations and vaccine manufacturing.  These experiences led her to become of a member of Merck’s global regulatory groups coordinating approvals in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, China and Europe. Kim is currently the Executive Director within Global Regulatory and Clinical Safety, Vaccines CMC with global responsibility for innovative, strategic initiatives to bring life-saving vaccines to underserved regions of the world.  Kim has been able to fulfill the promise she exhibited as a member of the Class of 1984.

Alfred Hagen​

“Interboro Class of 1975”

Mr. Hagen was an accomplished athlete specializing in track and field, remembered as a friendly and gregarious student in his youth.  In the 1970’s he moved to Alaska to work on the Oil Pipeline Project.  Working during the day, but able to find time to attend the University of Alaska in the evenings and on weekends. He became a carpentry contractor in a further attempt to work his way through college and it became his life’s vocation. Fred moved back to Bucks County, Pennsylvania and continued working as a carpentry contractor. In 1985, he became signatory to a carpentry union agreement and formed Hagen Construction, Inc. two years later.  The business grew into a large Commercial Contracting and development business.  Over the past twenty years, Hagen Construction, Inc. has specialized in a variety of commercial and residential projects such as hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, single family homes and multi-story condominiums. In every job, the Company honors the core principles established by Fred Hagen of professionalism, integrity and craftsmanship.  The principles and characteristics developed growing up in the Interboro community continue to guide Mr. Hagen professionally and personally.

Richard Williams​


Mr. Williams a well-respected and beloved staff member at Prospect Park School for over 35 years.  Rich was truly a dedicated educator who loved his job and the students with whom he worked.  A man who created, implemented, tweaked, monitored, and drove his students to their personal best each and every day.  Rich seldom missed a day of school and the students benefited from his consistent effort on their behalf.  Rich, famous for his no nonsense approach and dry sense of humor was able to engage and motivate his students to make the best use of the time allotted them each day.  Although he was a considered a task master, he never forgot he was working with kids and was able to develop relationships to support ambitious goals for his students.  Students were provided learning opportunities outside of the classroom including field trips to whale watch, sights in Philadelphia, New York and Lancaster as well as conducting Holiday plays which were prized by the students and staff.  Mr. Williams was the epitome of a dedicated teacher who gave his heart and soul to the Interboro community and specifically the Prospect Park School!!!

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