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Donald A. Cook

“Interboro Class of 1964”


Mr. Cook a Naval Veteran served as the Mayor of Prospect Park from 1990 – 2009.  Extensive volunteerism beginning in the 1980 and continuing to the present; Prospect Park Youth Club, John Wesley Cross Post 507, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,  Prospect Park Beautification Committee.  Honored as Prospect Park Citizen of the Year – 2011.

Brian Hassel

“Interboro High Class of 1973”


Graduate of Williamson Trade School, 1976.  Glenolden Fire Company Volunteer for over 40 years – presently serving as the secretary.  Served on the Interboro Board of School Directors from 1988 through 2005 always keeping the best interests of the students and the district, as his primary goals.

Alex Mullin

“Staff Member “


 Teacher in the Interboro School District from 1976 – 2002.  Creator of Kaleidoscope and IHS-TV airing initially in 1976, serving as the faculty advisor until 1992 when he moved to Prospect Park School.  Responsible for high quality programming extending to the community learning numerous awards and recognition for students and the high school.  He returned to the district in 2006 as special advisor, technician and mentor to staff and students.

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