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Staff #1

Significant accomplishments of the nominee.  Staff #1 was one of the first teachers in the district to bring technology into her classroom.  She was an innovative teacher whose creative was remembered long after students left her 3rd grade classroom.

In 250 words or less, explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Staff #1 was a much loved teacher at Prospect Park School.  She was one of the first to use technology in the classroom, and was always innovative her teaching.  She hosted poetry "parties", to teach money, she ran a class "restaurant", and was a pioneer in using a writing workshop model. Her students were challenged in all aspects of the curriculum by Staff #1's high standards and expectations.  It was all done, however, in a way that made learning fun.  She is one of the only elementary teachers I know that had students participate in and lead their own report card conferences with parents. She always ended the school year with a trip to her home in Chester County, where students would canoe, take nature hikes, and picnic.  Staff #1 was well loved by her colleagues, as she was a mentor and friend to all.  She was the first to volunteer for anything that needed to be done, whether it was planting in the courtyard, or participating in community activities.  I feel that Staff #1 deserves to be a member of the Interboro Hall of Fame.  She is one of the most talented and dedicated teachers that has ever worked in the district.  

Staff #2

In 250 words or less, explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame.

I am honored to nominate my friend and colleague based on his 35 years of distinguished service to the Interboro School District.  Staff #2 began teaching business classes after his graduation from Bloomsburg University in 1966. An outstanding teacher, he influenced numerous students to attend college to pursue degrees and careers in accounting, finanace and related subjects. Staff #2 also served as Business Dept. Team Leader for seven years.  Having received a masters degree and his principal's certification from Villanova University,  Staff #2 served as assistant principal at IHS for five years, successfully overseeing a variety of student and staff programs during that time. He also served as director of Interboro's evening school program, which became quite popular in the community under his supervision.  Additionally Staff #2 served as ass't. football coach, and for eleven years was the Head Coach of the Varsity Wrestling Team. During this time Staff #2 also served as Ass't. Athletic Director.  In addition Staff #2 served as Ass't. Student Council Advisor at IHS for 19 years.  Beyond IHS Staff #2 was positively involved with the Interboro Education Association, holding a variety of significant positions, and was a major contributor at the regional and state levels.  As a proud Interboro Hall of Fame member, I am certain that Staff #2 belongs in this distinguished group and nominate him absolutely without reservation.

Staff #3

Significant accomplishments of the nominee.  

Staff #3 taught in Interboro School District for over 25 years, was critical to a large number of students pursuing not only college degrees but degrees in Math, Science and Technology related areas.  He also served as the treasurer to the IEA for a number of years, and was an active band booster for the Marching band for 8 years.  Staff #3 partook of his time at Interboro all while living and contributing to the same district, residing in Glenolden for most of his tenure.

In 250 words or less, explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. 

Staff #3 participated in his students education tirelessly.  He was a strict, but fair teacher and was always willing to help. I am biased, since I am his son, but even many years after his retirement, I still have former students talk to me at least once a week in the community about how much of an impact he had on their lives and their education.  He always pushed students to fulfill their potential, even beyond what they thought possible; he certainly did that for me, and I attribute my career now to his guidance.

Staff #4

Significant accomplishments of the nominee. 

Staff #4 was instrumental in getting the planetarium included in the new high school. He was responsible for writing the curriculum for Earth and Space science for the 9th grade. He was the District's FIRST director of technology bringing Interboro into the technology age when technology was in its infancy. Staff #4s ENTIRE teaching career was at Interboro, 30 years in the classroom with another 7 in administration. Staff #4 ran the score board at home basketball games, chaperoned dance, was a union representative and a driver education instructor. Staff #4 was hired at Interboro after graduating from West Chester University in 1965.  He and Interboro were a good fit and he spent his entire career in the district. He loved to teach and spent 30 years in the classroom.  Staff #4 didn't teach the "cream of the crop" students.  He found ways to engage his students so they would enjoy school and not drop out.  Pushing for the planetarium's inclusion in the new high school is an example of what he did to try to keep those students in school.  That tool has been used by thousands of students over the years.  Staff #4 was not just a teacher.  He counseled those at risk students whenever needed.  He also spent time as a driver education instructor taking mostly Tinicum students out for driving lessons because the other teachers preferred the not to.  He spent his evenings at the school running the score boards for basketball games and as a dance chaperone.  He was also a Union rep.  Staff #4's biggest accomplishment was to bring Interboro into the technology age.  As the first Director of Technology, he had to set up computers and emails for all employees. This was cutting edge and was met with resistance from some staff members. Staff #4 had to teach all district employees this new technology including how to use the computers send e-mails. This same technology was used for attendance and grading -another NEW concept.  Because of Staff #4 and his foresight, Interboro was the first district to be connected to the Intermediate unit via fiber connections.  This is all technology that we take for granted.  At the time there was resistance to these new and improved ways.  Interboro was ahead of the curve due to the hard work and insight of Staff #4, He held this position until his retirement in 2002 Staff #4 was a born teacher.  He wasn't interested in accolades or awards.  He wanted to make a difference with his students.  I think he succeeded in doing that.  Because we loved him and learned much about life from this man. Was a fair man and had great respect for the students. He made learning fun and had a real passion for his kids!  He exemplifies what the words Hall of Fame stand for. ​

Alumni #4 had a total of four nomination submissions that were combined into the above entry.

Staff #5

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee. (For example, but not limited to: Career related activities, publications, civic activities, honors, awards, and etc.)


Staff #5 was a business teacher at Interboro High School from September 1974 until she retired in June 2010. In 1970, Staff #5 decided to pursue a career in education and started at Penn State University – graduating early in 1973. Landing a job at Interboro as a business teacher was the first of many accomplishments. Staff #5 would spend the next 35 years learning new technology and shaping young minds with enthusiasm, innovation, and persistence. Unlike other subjects, the business department had to constantly change to stay current and bring the best to Interboro’s students. Staff #5 attended seminars, workshops, and conferences to help her get the knowledge necessary to create new curriculum and classes. She developed contacts and partnerships with local businesses that allowed co-op opportunities for her students. She reactivated an expired membership with the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) organization and stayed involved with the group until her retirement. She was named the Pennsylvania Outstanding Business Educator in 1998. Most notably, Staff #5 and her colleague spearheaded the Junior Career Initiative.  This program was instituted to make the students aware of career opportunities and included a career day conference at Neumann College. It also fostered collaboration with other departments at the high school. Additionally, Staff #5 partnered with the Franklin Mint Credit Union to create a student-run branch at the high school.  This partnership continues today. Staff #5 is the embodiment of a true educator. She worked tirelessly to bring new opportunities and information to the students of Interboro School District every day and continues to so as a retiree. I respectfully nominate Staff #5 to join “the wall.” Staff #5 is so deserving of a spot in the Interboro Hall of Fame, and I hope that you agree and choose to honor her service and dedication to the district. 

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