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Alumni #1

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee. (For example, but not limited to: Career related activities, publications, civic activities, honors, awards, and etc.) 


Alumni #1, a 1983 graduate of Interboro High School and player for the high school football team, went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from West Chester University in 1990.  He has been working in the roofing industry for more than 20 years serving contractors throughout Delaware County.  Best known as “The Voice of Interboro”, he has volunteered his time as the public-address announcer for Interboro Bucs Football for the past 29 seasons.  He has also enjoyed coaching Glenolden Indians football and girl’s softball and basketball.  Even after moving to Westtown Township, Chester County, Alumni #1’s hometown spirit and team pride for Glenolden, Interboro Football, and the Interboro community can only be matched by very few.  You can find him most every Friday night during football season at an Interboro Football game, home or away.

I find it odd to be nominating Alumni #1 myself, but I am always amazed by his Interboro pride and his dedication to volunteering year after year.


Alumni #2

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


39 years as a fireman, volunteer to paid. 32 years in the Philadelphia Fire Dept. He is now a Captain, but soon will be promoted to Battalion chief. 39 years in the United States Air Force. His rank now is Lt.Col. His list if campaigns and honors are too many too list here, plus I don't know them all. He has graduated nursing school from Weidner University in 1996. Married twice and helped raise 5 children.


I am proud to nominate an old dear friend of mine, Alumni #2. We both graduated in 1979 from Interboro High school. We both joined as home town volunteer firemen in 1977. After graduation Alumni #2 enlisted into the U.S. Air Force. He has served now for 39 years and is today a Lt.Col. He is retiring from service this June 2018. His list of military campaigns is long, a few that I know of are operation Iraqi freedom, operation enduring freedom and operation new Dawn. And his awards, honors are many.  He has worked to help the wounded as a nurse from battle, he has brought them home and transported the fallen, home to their loved ones.  Alumni #2 as trained young boys and woman to serve their country. He has been a leader to many.  As a Philadelphia fireman since 1986 Alumni #2 is now a Captain, and soon will be promoted to Battalion chief. He has trained men and woman fire protection and helped them serve and protect the city of Philadelphia for 32 years.  He also went to nursing school to better himself for his service as fireman and as a military officer.  Alumni #2 has been married twice, to two beautiful woman. He has helped raise and support 5 children.  Alumni #2 and I have been friends for over 40 years. We have played together, got in trouble together. Laughed and cried together. I'm really not that amazed that Alumni #2 has done what he's done. He comes from a military family and his compassion for life and service and dedication, and love of country is beyond what makes him, at least to me, more then just human. Alumni #2 doesn't talk much about himself and brushes off compliments. Hates when I tell him how proud I am of him. Tells me to shut up. But I tell him anyway. He's humble. And I'm proud to have graduated from the same class Alumni #2 did, 1979.


Alumni #3

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Past asst chief and current life member Tinicum Township Fire Company.  Vice President Southco co.


Served the township of Tinicum as a volunteer firefighter. Rose from being a truck driver at Southco to being Vice President in charge of world wide operations. Has been with Southco since 1978


Alumni #3 would be an excellent candidate, he exemplifies the excellence of Interboro.

Alumni #4

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


I am proud to nominate Alumni #4 for the Interboro Hall of Fame.  I met Alumni #4 over forty years ago when he was a member of my HI-Q team at Interboro High School.  Besides being involved in many student activities, he presided over his graduating class of 1975.  Although Alumni #4 served as a paralegal specializing in complex product liability litigation for sixteen years, he came to realize that his true passion was working with young adults.  For this reason, he earned a Master’s Degree in Education in 2000.  He began his teaching career in the William Penn School District before settling in at Springfield High School, where he has taught Language Arts, Creative Writing and Theater Arts.  In addition, he directed ten musical productions at Springfield between 2004 and 2014.  His enthusiasm for the theater arts has influenced several of his former students to pursue professional theater careers in New York and London. 

Since 1976, Alumni #4 has also been active in local and professional theater groups and has participated in over seventy plays and musicals in a variety of positions, such as stage director, music director, actor, speech coach and accompanist.  He served as a faculty member for the Young People’s Theater Workshop from 1992 to 2014 and the Lansdowne Center for the Performing Arts in 1995.  Alumni #4 also currently directs, conducts, and accompanies the Kelly Street Chorus of Philadelphia, in which he has been active for the past six years.  Along the way, he has sung in choirs and choruses in such well-known venues as the Washington Memorial Chapel, the Philadelphia Festival, and Old Swedes Church (Gloria Dei).

In spite of Alumni #4’s personal activities in theater arts, I believe his greatest accomplishment is the influence he has had on children and young adults at the Young People’s Theater Workshop for over twenty years.  (YPTW is the children’s theater group at The Players Club of Swarthmore.)  Each year approximately one hundred young people and staff participate in the YPTW, where Alumni #4 has been a creative force as a director, teacher and mentor.  He also serves as a camp counselor at the YPTW Overnight Camp.  There he helps students learn all of their musical material by spending hours playing the piano for them in the evenings.  Some of his students at the YPTW have pursued careers in theater arts as composers and lyricists for a number of off-Broadway shows.  One was even nominated for a Tony Award.

As Claudia Carlsson, a long-time board member of the Young People’s Theater Workshop, said of Alumni #4, “He is endlessly generous and patient with the young people.  His passion about all things creative is contagious.  Alumni #4 has expertise in a wide variety of theatrical material.  He can teach classes in Broadway musicals [as well as] in Shakespeare.  The students at YPTW have benefitted from his vast knowledge over the years.  They [his students] call him ‘Uncle Alumni #4’ and [he] is greatly loved.”

Because of Alumni #4’s own theatrical experiences and his positive influence on numerous young people, I think that he is a worthy candidate for induction into the Interboro Hall of Fame as an Interboro High School graduate (Class of 1975).



Alumni #5

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Norwood Athlectic Association 15 years as Coach & served on the board of directors for many years.  Works with the Republican Comittee in Norwood.  


Alumni #5 has spent endeless hours at the lower park on the Athletic fields preparing for softball games for the children of Norwood.  If not preparing the fields, Alumni #5 was at the field Coaching Girls Softball, or endless hours in the snack bar.  As one sport would end, Alumni #5 was ready to coach the next sport to come along.  Alumni #5 is a 30 year employee of Boeing In Ridley Park Pa. as an Industrial Engineer.  Final thoughts:  My children & I often joke and call Alumni #5 the unofficial mayor of Norwood.  Alumni #5 knows everyone within the Interboro Community.  


Alumni #6

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Health and Physical Education Teacher/Coordinator-Penncrest HIgh School 1986-present  Norwood Athletic Club Volunteer 1998-2010  Assignor for Baksetball Leagues where she trains interested Interboro students to be officials.  Interboro Sports Booster- 2007-2016


Alumni #6 bleeds black and gold.  She is a lifelong Interboro resident, currently residing in Norwood and starting in Prospect Park.  She has dedicated her life to "kids". She is currently in her 32nd year teaching at Penncrest High School where she teaches valuable life lessons in her classroom and gym.  For 11 years she was a volunteer to Norwood Athletic Club.  She brought recognition to the club by starting baseball and basketball tournaments for young athletes throughout the county.  She also was instrumental in helping the club obtain their first grant to install sod on two baseball fields.  From 2007 to 2016 she was a dedicated Interboro Bucs booster for her sons sports teams (Football, Basketball and Baseball).  She continues to give back to Interboro by training current and former Interboro students to become basketball officials.  She also donates her services as a basketball official to Interboro Baseball's annual basketball fundraising tourney.  Alumni #6 has made a positive impact on thousands of teenagers in her professional and volunteer career. Final thoughts:  I don't want her to know it was me that made this nomination.  Everything can be checked out with the Norwood AC , Penncrest Hs, Interboro HS and the basketball leagues.  THANK YOU

Alumni #7

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


30 years as a volunteer for Girl Scouts, 26 years as a volunteer for Cub Scouts, Election board for 12 years, Creek clean-up for 25 years for scouts and families, 4 years on the Vestry of St.Stephen's Episcopal Church


Alumni #7 has been a volunteer for Girl Scouts for over 30 years. In addition to leading two Girl Scouts troops from kindergarten to seniors with numerous girls receiving their Gold Award including both of her daughters, Alumni #7 has managed Interboro Service Unit for most of that time. Many hours have been spent in recruiting new leaders and girls to Girl Scouting and providing continued guidance through the Service Unit.  This includes at least monthly Service Unit Meetings, organizing an annual Glenolden Pool sleepover, Halloween Dance, and end of year bridging ceremony among many other events and activities.  Bringing flags and banners, Alumni #7 can be found every Memorial Day at Glenolden American Legion Post #566 and every 4th of July at the Wells Fargo parking lot organizing Girl and Cub/Boy Scouts and walking with them in the parades.  Alumni #7 ran the cookie program for 15 of those years, initially having hundreds of cases of cookies delivered each year to her garage and keeping track of each troop’s cookies and paperwork. Awards to Alumni #7 from Girl Scouts of Eastern PA include the Outstanding Volunteer Pin, Appreciation Pin, Honor Pin, 30 year Pin and Thanks I and 2 Pins.  Alumni #7 has been running the Glenolden Cub Scout Pack #44 for 26 years since her son who earned his Eagle Scout started in Cub Scouts.  Alumni #7 also manages the popcorn fundraiser every fall and organizes the Blue and Gold Banquet each spring. She recruits boys and leaders to Cub Scouts and assists the Boy Scouts.  Alumni #7 has organized the Glenolden Creek Clean-up at the bottom of South Avenue around Earth Day for at least the last 25 years. Boy and Girl Scout families and other community members have removed hundreds and pounds of trash from the creek.  Alumni #7 has been on the Election Board for 12 years and spends every election day from open to closing at the polls checking in voters.  For four years Alumni #7 has been on the Vestry of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church of Norwood which runs the church and she organizes the readers at the Sunday services. Alumni #7 was active with the Glenolden Home and School Association as a member and officer and was in charge of the Glenolden School Yearbook for many years.  Alumni #7 was a volunteer judge for the Glenolden Swim Club Dive team for a number of years.  Alumni #7 was nominated in the past for this honor and was a runner-up, and I was told to be sure and nominate her again.  High profile career successes can motivate students, but it’s the daily acts of dedicated volunteers like Alumni #7 that really make a difference in our communities.  


Final thoughts:  I was unable to determine what awards Alumni #7 got for Cub Scouts in time for this but I am sure she received some from there, too.  

Alumni #8

Significant accomplishments of the nominee. 1981 – Graduated Interboro High School.  1982 – Enlisted in the United States Navy.  Military Occupational Specialty – Electronic Technician.  Recipient of the Navy Good Conduct Medal and the Sea Service Medal. 1988 – Honorably Discharged – Rank of Petty Office Second Class (E-5).  1989 – Appointed to the Tinicum Township Police Department as a Patrol Officer.  1989 – Graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Municipal Police Academy receiving the High Academic Award for All Around Academic Average.  2004 – Appointed as a Detective Sergeant with the Tinicum Township Police Department.  In addition serves as a Task Force Officer with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and as the Intelligence Liaison Officer with the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP).  Taught the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program for twenty (20) years at the Tinicum Township School.  Coached in the Prospect Park Termites Football Program for nine (9) years.  Coached Floor Hockey and Baseball for the Tinicum Township Youth Association for several years and presently coaches basketball for the Youth Association.  Life Member of the Tinicum Township Fire Company.  Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign War Post, Essington, PA.  Member of the Tinicum Township Patriotic Organization.  Married to his wife and they have three (3) successful children all who have attended and graduated from the Interboro School District. 

In 250 words or less, explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame.

I cannot think of a more qualified candidate to be nominated to the Interboro Hall of Fame.  I have known Alumni #8 since his appointment to the Tinicum Township Police Department in 1989 when I served as the Chief of Police. Alumni #12 was and still is a very community minded individual who cares about the community and the people residing in the community.  Alumni #8 is a natural leader, a take-charge person of high energy and is very diligent and meticulous in everything he does.  In my new position as a Detective with the Special Investigations Unit of the Delaware County Officer of the District Attorney, I continue to work with Alumni #8 on sometimes very sensitive investigations.  Alumni #8 is still that dedicated police officer just as he was when he was first appointed as a police officer in 1989.  Throughout out his career I have personally witnessed Alumni #8 treat victims, witnesses and even suspects with the utmost respect and dignity. 


Alumni #9

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.  


Alumni #9 is the Deputy County Director and Chief Clerk for Chester County, previously Director of a County Department and an Executive at Limerick Nuclear Plant (Exelon) and PECO. Stellar career along with being great mom and wife. Alumni #9 lives in Chesco now, but never lost her Glenolden roots. Alumni #9 has also served in many community roles, including economic development, Girl Scouts and coaching. 


Alumni #10

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


She is active in the community on social issues. Board Member for PathwaysPA and a leader in IT who gives back to girls in technical fields


Alumni #11

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.  


Alumni #11 is a sign language interpreter who works at Lenape High School interpreting for a student. She also works thru various agencies when interpreting is needed. She also works and volunteers for the deaf blind community. She is currently going to UMass Boston part time for a double Masters for Vision Rehabilitation Therapy/Orientation & Mobility to work with the blind. 

Alumni #11 is the most caring person who thinks of everyone else before herself.  She is known in the local deaf blind community.


Alumni #12

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


When I think of the inductees to the Interboro Hall of Fame, I see past the individuals pictured on the plaque, and know that there are countless community members and generations of families whose lives will forever be touched, due to quietly dedicated years of service that the inductee provided in honor of them. Choosing to sacrifice time with family and friends, clocking in countless hours in every stage of development, from idea inception to actualization. All the while, doing so without any attachment to recognition or external validation, outside of witnessing their fellow neighbors lives improved, and a welcomed handshake from those they serve tirelessly. I have a deep awareness of all that goes into doing such work, because I was lucky enough to be raised by a man whose core values are in direct alignment with this beautiful display of humanity. With the unending support of my mother, my father has been able to run a highly respected second generation family business, while simultaneously clocking in full-time hours for his hometown for the past 30 years. Alumni #12 has been an elected official (5th ward commisioner) since 2007; but his service to Tinicum Township where he was born and raised, and raised his own three children, began 17 years prior. He coached every team my siblings and I were a part of, and continued to do so long after our youth sports years came to a close. He went on to become President of the Rec board, a chairman of the Zoning Hearing Board, and the first name everyone thought of when they had a question about anything township related. Our home phone would ring with questions about sign-up dates and construction zoning questions, long before cell phones were available. All-Star games and Fourth of July festivities would become lifelong memories for all involved, in part because of the long hours Alumni #12 would put into making those events spectacular. To this day, if you drive past the event spaces the night before, you will see my father, still in his work clothes, stringing banners and hanging lights long after the sun has gone down, all for the deserving members of his community, young and old to feel valued. When the Philadelphia Airport attempted to encroach on residential property and threatened the quality of life for Tinicum residents, Alumni #12 knew that he had to elevate his involvement with Township affairs. He ran and was elected to office as the commissioner to the 5th ward of Tinicum Township and immediately went to work for his fellow community members. The hours were long, the negotiations were exhausting, and at times extremely frustrating, but at the end of the day, the intention of preserving and improving the livelihood of those living in Tinicum Township, proved to be a success. Tinicum had to make a few concessions to the airport, but it was an absolute priority of Alumni #12 and his fellow commissioners to ensure that the rewards would far outweigh every sacrifice they had to make at the negotiation table. Since then, all you have to do is drive around Tinicum to see the actualizations of the promises made to the members of this community. From the 291 Beautification Project, the Veterans Memorial Garden, the stunning renovations of Governor Printz Park, and countless programs and activities that have now become staples of the events calendar, the landscape of Tinicum Township is changing and all would agree it is for the better. My father would be the first to point out all of those who have helped turn all of these ideas into reality, but for the sake of this essay, I want to highlight that all of these projects were at one point just a part of his creative imagination. He has spent hours walking our family dog along the streets and public spaces of our hometown, and has envisioned the potential that they possessed. He would come home, draft a mock-up of what he saw in his minds eye, and would only bring it to the appropriate boards after working out all of the kinks and ensuring that it would in fact be a possibility. He does all of this with the intention to provide the same quality of life that he wishes for his own family, and to bring that to his beloved Tinicum residents. One of his most well known projects is the Tinicum Farmers Market, that runs from the beginning of summer into the first few weeks of autumn. This weekly event brings food and specialty goods vendors, live entertainment, and family fun to the beautiful waterfront of Essington. The Health Fair has also become a yearly staple, providing the community members with flu shots, medical information, local vendors, and a 5k. All of the proceeds from this event as well as the farmers market goes back into the pockets of those who are fighting cancer within the community. These events and projects are truly just scratching the surface of all that Alumni #12. has done and will continue to do for the town he loves. It is his dream to cultivate an environment that not only encourages residents to stay, but that brings in new residents who will feel a deep sense of pride for where they live and raise their children. Alumni #12 is a dedicated husband and father, a relentless public servant, and a visionary. He has dedicated his life to cultivating the full potential of the area in which he lives, with the full understanding of how that will then encourage the individuals living their to reach their own full potential. He is the first person that I and so many others, call in a time of need, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that he will be there and do whatever is in his power to help. He is a man that has consistently made his parents proud, who has honored and elevated his families name, and who I am profoundly proud to call my father. I know that receiving this honor from his alma-mater will be humbling, and will likely be met with complete surprise, due to his endearing inability to see how incredible his own reach truly is. I sincerely hope that you consider him for the 2019 Interboro Alumni Hall of Fame Nominations, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to nominate him. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 


Alumni #13

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Alumni #13 attended Interboro High School and graduated in 1964.  After graduating Alumni #13 worked for his father's business, Interboro Printing in Prospect Park.  Eventually Alumni #13 took over when his father retired.  After running the family business for many years Alumni #13 went to work for Interboro School District starting as a bus driver and then after many years he became head of transportation for the district.  Alumni #13 spent 20 yrs working for the district before retiring in 2014.  Alumni #13's commitment to the community and district also extends to his own family. Alumni #13 along with his wife, raised their two children in the district and attended Interboro High School.  Alumni #13 was also a dedicated contributor to the Interboro Marching Band as a band parent.  It is quite obvious that Alumni #13 is more than a worthy choice to enter the Interboro Hall of Fame.  If Alumni #13 is chosen he would match is father, who was one of the first inductees, and they would be the first and only father and son pair in the hall of fame.


Alumni #14

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Alumni #14 served in the Air National Guard for a period of time in the early 1960’s. He served as a police officer with the Prospect Park Police Department from 1960 to 1984. He was also a member of the Norwood Fire Company for a number of years and helped to establish the Norwood Ambulance Corps at the fire company. He served as Assistant Fire Chief for a period of time. Alumni #14 worked as a floral designer at Norwood Florist until 1963 when he opened the original Florist on Main Street in Darby. He moved the shop to Prospect Park in 1972 and operated Florist there until 2000 when he sold the business. He was a member of Duffy’s Creek Yacht Club and the Sassafras River Yacht Club. A Mason, Alumni #14 was a member of Hanby Masonic Lodge #767 in Springfield and the Nur Temple. He was a member of the Prospect Park 4th of July Association who named him “Citizen of the Year” during one of the community celebrations. He was a longtime member of Prospect Hill Baptist Church in Prospect Park and was also an active organizer at one time of the Prospect Park Business Association.

He passed in 2018 but, he was Mr. Interboro and I feel his wife would love to see him recognized.

Alumni #15 (Husband and Wife Team considered one nomination)

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Alumni #15, co-nomination  Both Alumni of Prospect Park High School  Both Distinguished Members of Prospect Park Community  Alumni #15 longtime staff member of Interboro School District  Married 60 Years 1948-2008 (His Death)    Alumni #15 Graduate of Prospect Park High School  Life-long resident of Prospect Park  Prospect Park Citizen of the Year 1999  Co-founder Prospect Park Boys Club (now PPYC)  Past President of Prospect Park 4th of July Association  Longtime Trustee and Choir Member at Prospect Hill Baptist Church  Veteran of World War II and Korean War  Prospect Park Letter Carrier 37 Years  Past Commander of Paterson-Hause American Legion Post  Member of John Wesley Cross American Legion Post.  Alumni #15 Graduate of Prospect Park High School, 30 Year Employee of Prospect Park Elementary School (1979-2008)  Deacon at Prospect Hill Baptist Church (member for over 60 Years). Both were pillars of Prospect Park Community and proud Alumni of Prospect Park High School. They had 3 children graduate from Interboro High School and 2 grandchildren graduate from Interboro High School.


My grandparents loved Prospect Park and this would be a tremendous honor for our famil


Alumni #16 (Husband and Wife Team considered one nomination)

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Interboro Hall of Fame nominations for 2019:  I am actually nominating a Husband and Wife team.  So I will be including this document in both 2019 nomination forms for both of these individuals.  I and my wife are residents of Prospect Park Pa for 26+ years. My wife and I have been involved in our local community for just about all of that time. Our kids have grown up here and attended Interboro school district. This has allowed us to view the activities of the local communities for many years.   We have seen superior teachers and administrators in the school district and have also seen many volunteers give back to our local footprint over the years. I have nominated the two people that I will be discussing in a moment but I understand that the field of noteworthy individuals is large as there are many great people in our communities.  Alumni #16 are longtime members of the Interboro communities as well as Alumni and quite frankly my wife and I are in awe of them. These two individuals (or this team as I should righty say) have given back to our communities in so many ways that it is difficult to highlight all of their activities. I am including a list of their accomplishments but I personally find lists dry so it is important to know these people more than as a document to understand their passion for giving back to our communities. Communities are marks on a map and consist of buildings made of bricks, stone, wood, pavements and roadways, etc. The buildings physically are held together my mortar, nails, cement and maybe even glue. However that is not what really makes up a community or holds communities together. Communities are made and held together by people.   People comes in all shapes and sizes, have personalities of all kinds, some are athletic, some are religious, some read and a smaller number volunteer. As I have noted my wife and I have volunteered for many years and have met many great people who make up the Interboro communities. The breath and width of what Alumni #16 give back to the Interboro communities and the reputation they bring to Interboro as Alumni is beyond comparison in our opinion.  I am the commissioner of the local basketball league that consists of seven school districts and 23+ gyms.  I am in and out of the gyms for 3 months each year and get an opportunity to read stories on the Alumni of many of these districts during my months in the local schools. Mr. Williams who just won for 2018 and who taught my children was an example of a well deserving individual as are all of the other Interboro winners over the years. However, it is my opinion that we don’t honor enough those who make our communities strong and who keep the next generation moving forward.  This is about honoring folks who have helped an improvised kid to partake in a great Christmas or a young student who reads the perfect book (that they would not have read without our public libraries) or a junior athlete who is encouraged by one of our club coaches (but who may not be good enough to play a Varsity sport someday) all guided, prodded or supported by volunteers and the work that they do such as Alumni #16. These kids in turn may for the rest of their lives strive to give back just because someone stepped up to help them. I am not taking away from the Alumni who goes out into the world and becomes an Admiral or the Alumni who comes up with a cure to a disease or the Alumni athlete who accomplishes great things in sports.  It is important to show our kids that to strive and succeed is vital. But it is also important to show our kids that ordinary people who will not be famous, who will not set the world on fire, who will not possibly be rich someday can still make a difference in our lives. Alumni #16 do that every day.  A middle age couple, they raised their son who is now a highly recognized teacher and coach.   Alumni #16 are Prospect Park neighbors who exemplify by their constant giving back and helping others, excellence in how they live their lives.  In point of fact they are local, ordinary people with ordinary attributes and vices who do extra-ordinary activities with their personal time each and every year never looking for awards or recognition.  It is past time that their efforts are recognized!   I have included their lists separately in each nomination but as I noted they are a team.   They together make our Interboro communities strong.   

Her Community Involvement Prospect Park Youth Club  • Was an active member (5 years 2000-2005) Prospect Park 4th of July Association  •       Program Sponsorship Co-Chairperson (7 years: 2001-2007)  o Organized ads for sponsor book and prepared it for printing    Kiwanis Club of Chester Pike  • Program Sponsorship Co-Chairperson (8 years: 2003-2010)  o   Organized ads for sponsor book and prepared it for printing Interboro High School Basketball Boosters  • Co-Chairperson (2 years: 2009 to 2010) Rosemont College-Soccer Boosters  • Member (4 years: 2010-2013) Prospect Park Library   • Friend of the Library (5 years 2010-2014)  A Member of Olivet Presbyterian Church for 49 years:  • Was Administrative Asst. for 3 years  • Ordained Elder  • Vacation Bible school teacher for 24 years  • Beacon of Hope clothes Closet Co-Director since opening in 2009  • Friday night out volunteer (2010 to 2015) volunteered one Friday evening each month as a free church baby sitter to give young parents a chance to get out on a date. Note: The beacon of hope clothes closet gathers gently used clothing for entire families.  This program is still going strong and she still is heavily involved. Prospect Park Town watch Toy Drive   • Volunteer (2015 to present) Note: The Town watch toy drive is done year after year to help the families of Prospect Park grade school students (and their siblings) have a great Christmas. Alumni #16 year after year, are an integral part of this program and in fact along with Joe and Debbie Daniels of Haverford glass make sure that families going thru financial difficulties have a great Christmas. After Prom Quarter Mania  •        Interboro After Prom’s Quarter Mania Auction (2010 to present)  • Academy Park After Prom’s Quarter Mania Auction (2018 and continuing in 2019)  Note:  Alumni #16 contribute back to the community year after year by running a quarter Mania for the Interboro after Prom organization.  Their son graduated in 2010 from Interboro High School and Alumni #16 continue to run this fundraiser to help the Interboro After Prom activities. They have been so successful that Academy Park reached out for help and so they are now helping Academy Park high school as well! Walmart: Alumni #16 were approached while in a Walmart to do a greeting dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause. They asked for no compensation, however after finding out about their fund raising activities to help children they were given new bikes that Walmart had scheduled to be donated to another organization.  While too late for the Prospect Park toy drive (as those toys had been already gathered) Alumni #16 donated to an organization that helps underprivileged children in Chester.  

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