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Interboro's Alma Mater


Lyrics by Edith Cagnon, Betsy O'Neil, and Ronald Scott


Interboro, be our light

Guide us in the paths of right
Let our youth be led by thee
That the truth may set them free.
Answer please our fervent call,
By thy strength we shall not fall.
God, please bless this place of truth
Beacon to our country’s youth.

Interboro, true we’ll be,
Staunch in loyalty to thee.
By thy colors strong we stand,
Proudly led by thy strong hand.
Give us now the world to know,
Evil is our only foe.
Marching on throughout the years
Sons and daughters raise the cheers.

Though the time has quickly passed,
Wealth we’ve gained will always last,
Mem’ry’s leaflets close shall twine
All our knowledge closely bind.
Hail All Hail! Our praises ring,
Hail All Hail! To Thee we sing.
Black and Gold will ever be
Foremost in our memory.

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