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Staff #1


Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee. (Including, but not limited to: Career related activities, publications, civic activities, honors, awards, and etc.) 


Staff #1 began his teaching career after graduating from East Stroudsburg University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Social Science.  He also later attended Villanova University, where he earned a Master of Arts in the Teaching of Mathematics.  Staff #1 was employed with the Interboro School District for over twenty years before retiring.  Staff #1 taught both mathematics and computer literacy to students at the Junior and Senior High schools.  In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Staff #1 coached the chess team and served as the class advisor to the Interboro High School class of 1987.  Staff #1 truly loved all of his students and being the class advisor was one of the greatest honors and joys of his life.  He kept in touch with many of his former students over the years, including attending the 30 year class reunion.  As his granddaughter, I have been deeply moved by the outpouring of love and condolences from dozens of his former students.  It is remarkable and truly inspiring how many lives he touched.  He believed in every one of his students and inspired them to believe in themselves.  


Staff #2

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Staff #2 was a business teacher at Interboro High School from September 1974 until she retired in June 2010. In 1970, Staff #2 decided to pursue a career in education and started at Penn State University – graduating early in 1973. Landing a job at Interboro as a business teacher was the first of many accomplishments. Staff #2 would spend the next 35 years learning new technology and shaping young minds with enthusiasm, innovation, and persistence. Unlike other subjects, the business department had to constantly change to stay current and bring the best to Interboro’s students. Staff #2 attended seminars, workshops, and conferences to help her get the knowledge necessary to create new curriculum and classes. She developed contacts and partnerships with local businesses that allowed co-op opportunities for her students. She reactivated an expired membership with the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) organization and stayed involved with the group until her retirement. She was named the Pennsylvania Outstanding Business Educator in 1998. Most notably, Staff #2 and her colleague spearheaded the Junior Career Initiative.  This program was instituted to make the students aware of career opportunities and included a career day conference at Neumann College. It also fostered collaboration with other departments at the high school. Additionally, Staff #2 partnered with the Franklin Mint Credit Union to create a student-run branch at the high school.  This partnership continues today. Staff #2 is the embodiment of a true educator. She worked tirelessly to bring new opportunities and information to the students of Interboro School District every day and continues to so as a retiree. I respectfully nominate Staff #2 to join “the wall.” Staff #2 is so deserving of a spot in the Interboro Hall of Fame, and I hope that you agree and choose to honor her service and dedication to the district. 


Staff #3

Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.


Staff #3 is my father; he was also my teacher. Specifically I had him my senior year for Calculus, a class that was critical to me in my applications to college. Staff #3 was a long time member of the Interboro High School staff, as well as a contributing member of the community. He was active for many years at Norwood Methodist Church, including serving on the finance committee and helping with the youth group. He is also a member of Chester Masonic Lodge, again lending his service and help to the youth contingent of the lodge, called De Molay. Staff #3 helped for many years as a band booster while my brother and I both worked our way through concert, jazz and marching bands. Its easy to see his contributions in the community, and also within the school. He helped countless students through the difficult concepts of advanced mathematics, not an easy feat. He was a key component in encouraging students to further their education, always espousing the benefits of learning and the rewards it had brought to him. I watched him spend extra time with students when something didn't make sense, exhibiting a patience I won't hope to attain. He had a gentle but firm way to help guide students back onto the track when they wandered off, and an easy personality that made him approachable by everyone. He made math accessible to many people, instilling what would become a career in some way for many, including me. I watched him adopt new methods and technology over the years, with one of the first programmable calculators, and him and I learning to write code (before that was a thing) when he bought me my first computer many years ago. He convinced me that programming, and math, would unlock for me what so many other things had not; more than 20 years in IT and a Masters degree later, I guess he was right!  What is harder to see is how he was a true educator, not just within the halls of Interboro, but in his church, neighborhood and at home. His ability to teach, in a true sense of the word, is unmatched by any teacher or professor I ever had or observed.  Staff #3's commitment to Interboro, his students, and the community never wavered in 30 years of service, and that is why he deserves the recognition of the Interboro Hall of Fame. Thank you.



Staff #4

​Explain why you believe this individual should be inducted into the Interboro Hall of Fame. Include significant accomplishments of the nominee.

From former colleagues:

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Staff #4 for consideration for the Interboro Hall of Fame based on his 35 years of distinguished service to the Interboro School District. In addition to performing his job as a classroom teacher at an exemplary level, Staff #4 demonstrated a commitment to Interboro High School and to the community at large. As a classroom teacher Staff #4 was outstanding. He always had a very positive effect on our students and influenced numerous students to attend college to pursue degrees and careers in accounting, finance and related subjects.  He was also an extremely capable department chairperson.  He was helpful, caring, and resourceful; he often offered his service no matter what task was at hand.  Staff #4 has worn several “hats” as a high school teacher. In addition to classroom responsibilities, he served as ass't. football coach, coached the wrestling team for eleven years and also served for five years as an assistant principal of Interboro High School.  During this time Staff #4 also served as Ass't. Athletic Director. His outstanding people skills helped him in these challenging positions.  He used these people skills in his participation as a member of the Student Council staff.  He offered his expertise and planning skills to continue activities and introduce new opportunities in which the students could become involved.  He participated in these activities to improve the lives of our students. Staff #4 also provided an admirable service to the community as director of the Adult Night School.  The School offered a wide variety of courses that residents could select and enjoy.  Staff #4 was always willing to pitch in for the good of the community regardless of the mission. Beyond IHS Staff #4 was positively involved with the Interboro Education Association, holding a variety of significant positions, and was a major contributor at the regional and state levels

Through many changes in leadership, Staff #4 has made a difference at the high school and has positively impacted the people of the community. His skills, knowledge and dedication to our high school and community make him a worthy candidate for the Hall of Fame. For all of these reasons, I truly believe Staff #4 was and still is an integral part of the Interboro community and highly recommend him for this honor. The students and teachers who Staff #4 mentored during his time at Interboro have benefited from knowing and working with him.

From former students:

It would be my pleasure to nominate Staff #4 for the Interboro Hall of Fame. Staff #4 was my student council advisor for four years, along side another advisor usually as the straight man!  He was the organizer for the group. He handled all the paperwork and the details that went along with all the crazy ideas and projects that Student Council would drum up! Staff #4, as we called him, was a great teacher and advisor. He was so helpful to kids inside and outside the classroom.  Staff #4 would be the one who drove everyone in his van to and from conferences and meetings. He took me to the Region F student council conference my senior year at Garnet Valley High School which was an amazing experience where I heard motivational speakers and attended leadership workshops. Staff #4 dedicated 18 years to student council motivating students to be exceptional leaders in addition to his 35 years of service as a teacher and administrator. He provided support and a caring comfort that students needed.  He was very level headed and was able to look at projects through a big picture lens!  Without Staff #4 - The other advisor would not have been able to accomplish as much as he did with student council! I would love to see him in the Hall of Fame.

From another former student:

As a graduate of Interboro and currently a teacher at Interboro High School, one of the most influential teachers I ever had was Staff #4. Their guidance and leadership helped shape me and become the educator I am today.  I followed in his footsteps for 17 years as Student Council Advisor at Norwood School.  He showed me what leadership looked like and I use that to this day. Staff #4 specifically helped me work on things I use everyday as a teacher; public speaking, positivity and my ability to lead the kids of Interboro High School. His impact was huge.  Everyday I have the opportunity to walk past the Hall of Fame at Interboro High School.  As far as I am concerned, Staff #4 deserves to be on that wall because of the teacher, advisor, and man he is.  He is the epitome of Buc Pride and Excellence.  For these things, it is my honor to nominate him for the Interboro Hall of Fame.


Staff #4 had a total of six nomination submissions that were combined into the above entries.

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